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Shopping Notes

True Vintage Revival (TVR) provides complete and comprehensive after-sales services to protect your best interests and ensure an enjoyable shopping experience with us.

1. In case of any abnormalities in the shopping system resulting in an incorrect number of goods in in our website and our inventory, True Vintage Revival (TVR) will contact you before authorising any payment in our e-payment system.

2. Due to very limited quantity of each handmade True Vintage Revival (TVR) eyewear, items that are sold out will be visible in the website but nullified from any forms of purchase. (i) In the event that the goods are sold out but the order is placed, True Vintage Revival (TVR) will notify you via email or telephone. (ii) In the event where the goods are double-booked at the same time (and it is our last piece), True Vintage Revival (TVR) will offer the product to the earlier purchasing time according to the system. Our team will notify you the situation and will inform of any updates of the particular model.

3. All goods purchased via True Vintage Revival (TVR) website (www.tvropt.com) can be exchanged/replaced within a seven-day period.

Shopping Process

1. Read T&C

Kindly read the Terms of Use carefully and agree to the terms and conditions on the True Vintage Revival (TVR) website before making a purchase.

2. Register as a Member

First time purchasers are encouraged to register as a member through a simple registration. Members can enjoy exclusive discounts and special promotions that are only available on True Vintage Revival (TVR) website (www.tvropt.com).

3. Purchasing an Item

In the merchandise display page, you can put as many items into the shopping cart as long as the goods are in stock. Please make sure that you select the right model, colour and size before you click “Checkout”.

4. Payment Method

We accept payments via credit card are secured with 128bit SSL encryption. We ensure protected and safe transactions for an assured shopping experience.

5. Shipment

We offer free shipping worldwide. Once you’ve confirmed your orders and payments have been authorised, our team will send your very own True Vintage Revival (TVR) eyewear within 3 working days.


Exchange Policy

1. Products can be exchanged within 7 days from the date of receipt.

2. Products must not be worn, used or damaged from use.

3. Products must be returned in its original state and condition, including all packaging contents, warranty tags, free merchandise, etc). The packaging or free merchandise must not be damaged or used.

4. Products are exchangeable for these circumstantial reasons; (i) product manufacturing defects, (ii) change of colour; (iii) change of size or (iv) change of model.

5. Any difference in amount shall be borne by customer if the post-exchange product carries a higher sales value.

6. For manufacturing defects, True Vintage Revival (TVR) reserves the right to decide on repair/replacement of products.

[ T&C ]


Before proceeding with any purchases, kindly read through the following terms and conditions. True Vintage Revival (TVR) may modify these terms at our discretion for the benefit and best interest of our customers.


True Vintage Revival (TVR) works to ensure 99.9% of our information on the website (www.tvropt.com) is accurate and correct. If you need any further assistance or our help to answer a question, please write to us at sales@tvropt.com or WeChat : TVR_sales

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Laws & Regulations

This site does not directly expose any parties to any authority, for any particular reasons. The use of the content of this website is subjected to information dissemination and procurement via online transactions.

Customers’ Responsibility

You are responsible to inform and update us of any changes to your personal information to ensure accurate delivery of information, related promotions and purchased products. If you do not wish to continue an member account with True Vintage Revival (TVR), you may delete your membership from this website. If you have any queries about the brand, copyrights, product details and online shopping, you should only write in to sales@tvropt.com.