YAMADA MITSUKAZU The Man Racing with Time

The brand YAMADA MITSUKAZU is a namesake of Mr. Yamada Mitsukazu, a master craftsman whohas devoted over 60 years of his life perfecting the art of making eyeglasses. In his late 70s, Mr.Yamada continues to race with time as he fervently interprets his skills and passion into impeccablymade eyewear pieces. With an honest intent to leave a legacy through the one thing that he loves,YAMADA MITSUKAZU is created as homage to his dedication to the craft. What is created by handis singular — a luster and charm that cannot be achieved using machines.

There are no rocket science, tools or methods used in the making of YAMADA MITSUKAZU eyeglasses. Known as the home to handmade eyeglasses, Sabae, Japan has created a positive impression to connoisseurs of the industry as a breeding land for talented artisans who have developed their skills and an eye for precision that are said to be better than machines. And here’s where every piece of the YAMADA MITSUKAZU eyeglasses are made.

Using mainly hand tools that are passed down from master to apprentice, most of these museumworthy pieces carry some of the most prolific history in eyewear evolution. Original design features are greatly highlighted in the making of each eyepiece. Piece by piece, the YAMADA MITSUKAZU collection is honed with decades of techniques and expertise.

In his twilight years, Mr. Yamada continues to bring forth authentic classic styles with traditional skills, iconic design and high-quality materials. He hopes to leave a legacy and pave the way for true classic eyeglasses to once again be appreciated through its honest simplicity in design and craftsmanship.